"Entre les gens" (excerpt)

"With Not A Word Gaël Bonnefon offers an installation that arranges a number of screenings of films shot on Super 8 film and mural posters that assemble printed images captured with a pinhole camera. It becomes immersive in the ways movement and fixedness are dealt out in the space. In this work the artist's signature surfaces everywhere, the figurative is altered, preferring the display of a photographic language made up of raw and abstract materiality. The subjects remain, but are about to disappear. They partake in a palimpsest and are part of an entity made up of scratches, stains, flashes of light - as many accidents sought after from exposure to laboratory. Beauty arises and draws attention. Maybe because Gaël Bonnefon's pictures resemble the way memory is buried in everyone: a backwash in which each wave is more or less uncertain? Maybe because they show themselves as an encryption of reality that transforms before our eyes, in pictures of memories? The gazer is invited to contemplate, in a show of images that are degraded but all the while reinvented in this degradation that leads to a sort of hypnosis. Incidentally the artist insists on patterns, for example, in the installation's first room, two kinds of framing are set opposite one another: closely shot faces and wide open landscapes. Ultimately it's about underlining the fact that the formal concern conveyed by the artist's work is “re-enacted” at the space's scale. The films are neither synchronised with each other nor with the soundtrack composed by Bertrand Segonzac. Then, at any moment the material produces new meta-cuts made up of collisions, meetings and coincidences".
Paul de Sorbier ("entre les gens" exhibition / Maison Salvan)

Elegy for the Mundane
Michaël Soyez (exhibition text - Château d'Eau gallery 2019)

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Sébastien Porte (Télérama n°3163)

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Julien Hory (Fisheye magazine)

Entre les gens
Paul de Sorbier (exhibition text, Maison Salvan)

Douceurs de la vie violente
Fabien Ribery (L'intervalle)

Elegy for the mundane
Mickaël Soyez (catalogue, Château d'eau)

Une poétique de l'accident
L'intervalle (Entretien par Fabien Ribery)

About decline
(Exhibition text / Château d'eau gallery)

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Mina Lenvka (website)

Elle est où la baballe?
Olivier Michelon (catalogue, Afiac 2013)

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Arnaud Fourrier (catalogue, Afiac 2013)

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François Saint-Pierre (Notice, Abattoirs Museum collection)

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Michel Métayer (Cheminements 2011)

David Chaignon

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Marine Eric (Jeune création exhibition, Le Centquatre)