Temps Zéro
(from Temps Zéro website)

"This world looks like it’s screwed up or like it’s never existed. It’s maybe the dawn of time or a remote and totally irradiated future. One thing is sure, it’s a world where everybody minds his own bruises alone and yells out of loneliness. Everything’s concussed, things aren’t poured out easily, something’s stagnating in the swampland of human conscience. With weakened vital functions, life experiences all the hues of a haematoma. Hearts are uprooted from the source that could claim hope and future. Blood goes up to the skin, old age gets purplish, it’s extremely cold in here, even childhood is numb. Each one tries to find out how to survive by himself. To resist, escape, stretch the last limits, get high in the frenzied quest for a place where hearts still feel alive.

The world’s bruise shall not resorb by itself. A massive number of bleedings must be done to stop the fall and reverse its curve".
Mina Lenvka
Translated from the French by Yann-Eryl Mer

Elegy for the Mundane
Michaël Soyez (exhibition text - Château d'Eau gallery 2019)

Melancholia of the crepuscule
Sébastien Porte (Télérama n°3163)

"Elegy for the Mundane" les aspérités d'un même monde
Julien Hory (Fisheye magazine)

Entre les gens
Paul de Sorbier (exhibition text, Maison Salvan)

Douceurs de la vie violente
Fabien Ribery (L'intervalle)

Elegy for the mundane
Mickaël Soyez (catalogue, Château d'eau)

Une poétique de l'accident
L'intervalle (Entretien par Fabien Ribery)

About decline
(Exhibition text / Château d'eau gallery)

Temps Zéro
Mina Lenvka (website)

Elle est où la baballe?
Olivier Michelon (catalogue, Afiac 2013)

Les herbes fauves
Arnaud Fourrier (catalogue, Afiac 2013)

About decline - fragments -
François Saint-Pierre (Notice, Abattoirs Museum collection)

59 km
Michel Métayer (Cheminements 2011)

David Chaignon

About decline
Marine Eric (Jeune création exhibition, Le Centquatre)