Elle est où la baballe?
(Spectaculaire aléatoire exhibition catalogue, Afiac 2014)

   "In 2014 the Abattoirs Frac-Midi-Pyrénées acquired an ensemble of Gaël Bonnefon’s photographs. Favoring the idea of a sort of outburst of landscape developed by the artist in his work, this choice was directly linked to his participation in the 2013th edition of Afiac during which he worked at the Golf des Etangs, Fiac. In the golf club’s restaurant, he set his pictures on table mats. But he also threw them onto the course. On the wall of the practice area – a curious driving range facing a pond – Bonnefon posted a picture of a dog laying on its side, on a marble floor. The creature is drained, as if broken from having run for a ball not meant for it. It is dry, and its humidity is elsewhere. The animal ooze which transpires in each of the lacustrine views produced by the artist could be the beasts own sweat.
  The grey-blue sky and the green pools are laid out in these snapshots behind the make up of a seemingly perspiring mist. Subjective, caught in flight, Gaël Bonnefon’s photography is not however an account of an epileptic vision or the hunt of some acme destined to be locked into an eternal instant. His intensity develops in a slow physical state, like that of exhaustion or recovery. These moments and dizziness, fixed into un-frames and metallic chromatic curves call to mind the beginning and end of a race – even in shots exempt of all human or animal trace. The title given by the artist to his exhibition was « Elle est où la ba-balle ? »(Where’s the bally-ball?). The empty start a dog makes when you keep the projectile in hand is what stays in mind".

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